Experience an inaccessible web

'Oh, you've caught me!' is the expression on this mouse's face as he chills out in a hammock on a sunny beach reading a book
I call this masterpiece 'mouse on holiday'.

Below you'll find activities where you canexperience common accessibility issues.

Each one has an explanation of the HTML blunder that caused the issue.

There's also fix it sections where you can have a go at rectifying the HTML (if that's your thing). You'll quickly notice that accessibility issues are generally easy fixes!

when you don't use a mouse


Some people with physical disabilities [see examples] don't have the dexterity to use a mouse. They might be using the keyboard instead, or an assistive tool like a switch device or speech recognition.

Some blind people might not use a mouse if they can't see the cursor on the screen well. FYI: legally blind people usually have some level of vision, such as light and colour perception; it's actually quite rare to have zero vision.

Some people are able to use a mouse but prefer using the keyboard as they find it more convenient.

when you use a screenreader

  • A picture is worth a thousand words... or at least a couple, surely; alt text (coming soon)